Why Implement In-House Coaching?

The most successful in-house coaching efforts align with the goals of the organization.  Tracie Moser of TRUCE Solutions believes that there are multiple reasons why organizations benefit from in-house coaching programs. In Vancouver, STEMCELL Technologies, CLIO Software, lululemon , VCH and Best Buy are a few organizations that have in-house coaching to supplement their training and education programs. Below are some of the reasons that companies may want to establish a coaching program:

Skills Enhancement – In house coaching enables experienced, highly competent leaders to pass their expertise on to others who need to acquire specified skills.

Leadership and Management Development -- Coaching encourages the development of leadership competencies. These competencies are often more easily gained through example, guided practice or experience than by education and training.

Real Time Support -- Coaching helps bridge the gap between theory and practice. Formal education and training are complemented by the knowledge and hands-on experience of a competent coach.

Organizational Development and Culture Change -- Coaching can help communicate the values, vision, and mission of the organization; a one-to-one coaching relationship can help employees understand the organizational culture and make any necessary changes.

Professional Identity -- When younger managers are early in their careers, they need help understanding what it means to be a leader in their working environment. Coaches play a key role in defining professional management behavior for new employees.

Recruitment -- Coaching can enhance recruitment goals by offering additional incentives to prospective employees.

Retention -- Coaching provides an encouraging environment through ongoing interactions, teaching, and role modeling that facilitates progression within the organization; coaching has been found to influence employee retention because it helps establish an organizational culture that is attractive to the top talent clamoring for growth opportunities. Coaching is a tangible way to show employees that they are valued and that the company’s future includes them.

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Coaching is where human and professional development become intertwined to meet 21st century needs. No longer is just the ‘professional self’ needed in the workplace.
— Tracie Moser, Certified Coach